TJ Long Jump

We made a trip to San Diego to hit up the Markit Jam at the Clairmont Skatepark. In Normal Markit fashion it was a great time with a series of fun contest and BBQ. Heres a short clip of TJ Ellis winning the long jump contest. It was scarey to watch as they ripped into this sketchy looking kick ramp. Here TJ cleared the 33 ft mark.

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Jareds Power Hour

Jared Eberwein just wrapped up a Power Hour for Vital. Jared filmed this at his local park, he has this place dialed. Check it out..,47945/rwg2008,2412 (http://www NULL.vitalbmx,47945/rwg2008,2412)

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Jared Eberwein at Brookhurst Skatepark

Heres a quick one of Jared Eberwein riding Brookhurst Skatepark in southern California.. Jared met a new friend at the park, an iconic self proclaimed pro BMXer that was coaching Jared through his session. Enjoy. (http://vimeo

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Brett’s Free Agent Lodus

Check out Brett Walkers Free Agent Lodus and details on his personal machine.


Wind has been horrible in Southern California for the last week or so. Today I noticed Palmsprings showed up clear, so I charged out. Palmsprings is usually known to be windy and I felt like it was rolling the dice on the hour drive out. Luckily, it turned out to be perfect and empty. Palmsprings has plenty to ride and this park is awesome. – Heath





Nook Session

Mike and Brett put in a quick session at one of Corona Californias smaller parks. Check it.

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