Free Agent in South America

Some photos from our Peruvian Free Agent distributor.  This is Joaquin Homero winning the 2014 Sporade Cup in the 9-10 year category. Great job!

Free Agent in South America (http://www NULL.freeagentbmx NULL.jpg)

Free Agent in Argentina (http://www NULL.freeagentbmx NULL.jpg)

BMX Racing in Peru

Great picture and video from the Free Agent Distributor in Peru.

Peru bmx crowd (http://www NULL.freeagentbmx NULL.jpg)

Nilton Gonzales – Fastest 14 year old in Peru Wins on Free Agent

Nilton Gonzales (http://www NULL.freeagentbmx NULL.jpg)

The Free Agent distributor in Peru sent in a photo of Nilton Gonzales, who is the leading 14 year-old rider in Peru. He is racing the national championship this week.
He races on a stock 2013 FA team Limo right out of the box.  Keep an eye on him in the future.