Summer is cooking..

Heres a few pics of Heath Pinter from a recent trip through Palmsprings Ca. The guys headed out early to ride parks thinking they could beat the heat. Didnt happen, they got beat by the heat as it was over a 100 degrees before noon.

Heaths Lodus

Heath just rebuilt his current Free Agent Lodus with some help from Demolition. Demolition has always made great parts and has an amazing team. Check out some of there latest parts on Heaths bike.

Jam at Heaths

Heath had a mellow Jam at his house with Hart & Huntington and a few friends. It was a great way to end the summer and take advantage of the fall weather. Check out it from You Tubes Network A.

Heath Pinter – Monday Edit

Ride BMX just posted a monday edit from Heath Pinters house. Its a laid back edit from a small session and BBQ a few weeks back. Enjoy.

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Heaths FA Lodus

Heres a look into Heaths current Lodus and some clips from his back yard. (http://www

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FA in France

TJ and  Heath just returned from a trip through the south of France. They both flew over for Vans Kill the Line dirt comp. Kill the Line takes place in Peynier at the Peynier trails, Frances longest running trail spot. TJ did very well finishing 3rd at the event. From Kill the Line Heath and TJ went there separate ways as TJ headed to Lords of Dirt the following weekend and Heath headed through the south to Toulouse, on the Compression Trail tour. The south of France is an absolute must for those who have not been, full of great riding spots and good people. Check back for more on there trips. Heres a few photos for now.






Back yard

Heres a quick pic of Heath in his back yard. Dave Dillewaard shot the photo during a mellow session.

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Heath Plus

Here’s the Moving Pictures section from the latest issue of BMX Plus with Heath Pinter. The image is from Heath’s backyard in California.

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