Alec Bob at the Music City Nationals

Checking in with Alec Bob

Wanted to update you guys on how things have been this past month. The month kicked off with racing in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the Sooner Nationals. Although I was battled a mild cold I was still able to win pro open all 3 days. The following weekend was the first round of UCI’s races in Phoenix, Az. Unfortunately, I was still battling my cold from Tulsa. On Friday I was caught up in a crash down the first straight and had 8 points after the first round. I was not able to salvage a better placing than 4th in my 2nd and 3rd round so I was not able to make it past motos. On Saturday my body was feeling the effects of the crash. I was just 3 points from making to the quarter final. After 4 days of letting my body rest and recover I was heading to Oldsmar, Fl for the Gator Nationals. This was my first sx race of the season and competition was tough. My lack of sx preparation for this race showed considerably. I was not able to ride the track as smooth and aggressively. On Friday I was two points from making it onto quarter and was just one point on Saturday. My best lap on the big hill was a third place finish in my third round on Saturday. I stayed smooth throughout the track and rode aggressively. I was finally starting to get adjusted to the track. I was able to win pro open of Sunday.