TJ built a mini ramp.

TJ Ellis just built a mini ramp in his yard. Brett Walker got to it before TJ and sent these pics over. Look for more photos of TJ and the team from the new ramp soon.



Brett edit

Here’s a new Brett Walker edit via the Ride BMX site.  Brett’s riding is always fun to watch and he rides everything real good.  Don’t know what happened with the music here.  Enjoy. 

Brett in the desert

Brett Walker just sent over these pics from a ditch they found in the California dessert. Looks like a fun spot.


Brett’s Free Agent Lodus

Check out Brett Walkers Free Agent Lodus and details on his personal machine.

Brett In Riverside

Brett made his way out to Riverside, CA over the weekend to ride some street.  Here’s a quick wall ride pic.

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Brett got the finger

Brett went over the bars and smashed his finger . This happened while riding at the Demolition ramps. Brett had to pull the rest of the nail off, now he cant hold onto his bars for a couple days. Ouch.

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Brett on the wall

Here’s another iPhone grab of Brett Walker. This photo was shot at The Bicycle Source ramp in Southern California.

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Brett @ Demolition

Brett Walker filmed a short piece at Demolition. Check it out as Brett does a product review and rides Demolitions private ramps at there building.

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