Team Update From Around the Globe

Over the past few weeks, Free Agent/Rockstar has earned its spot on the podium numerous times all around the World. First up, Latvian Junior, Kristaps Vinters secured the 3rd spot at the European Championships in France, as did Sharon Van Der Kolk. Down under, current World Champion, Jake Furby slid into the 2nd spot at the Australian National Championships. Harrison Britt celebrated Easter making the mains in Florida for the Easter Classic and continued his main event appearance in Superclass week 2 as well with Andres Rueda placing 3rd in the Masters class. Juan Marin actually doubled both weekends in Florida at the biggest East Coast Nationals of the Year.

Over in the UK, I decided to fly out Check on our new Free Agent UK Team – while also carving out a little time to race too – at the first British National of the year, Podiums all around with a big 2nd for our new Elite rider Cal Strickland and a double for this TM – not bad – making the trip very worth while.

Were moving into the Summer Season of the Free Agent / Rockstar Clinic Tour. Our calendar’s already packed tight but we’re excited to get out and see everyone. We’re gearing up for the team’s Summer racing too, as Strombergs, Larralde, Cristian and Bennett are all on the “heal” now and getting ready to head back to the track. All are expected to hit the ground racing in time for the World Championships in July. Yes, it’s full speed ahead for Free Agent / Rockstar – just the way we like it…

Until next time –Dale