2012 Free Agent Team Limo24 frame in black and gold

Ride the FA Frame World Champions Ride!

(http://www NULL.FreeAgentBMX NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/FA-29-012-072-Limo24-frame-800-logo NULL.jpg) 
We are now selling 2012 Free Agent Race model frames (no forks). You can now own the exact same frame that is ridden to multiple World Championships by Maris Strombergs, Dale Holmes and numerous wins and titles by the rest of the Factory Free Agent Team.

All six Race Series models are available: Team Micro, Team Mini, Team Junior, Team Expert, Team Limo and Team Limo24.  All frames feature the new 2012 Team graphic package pictured here.

MSRP for the Team Micro, Mini, Junior and Expert frame is $339 USD.

MSRP for the Team Limo and Limo24 frame is $389 USD.

Frame is pictured with fork, however, fork is not included.

Please click here (http://www NULL.freeagentbmx NULL.com/products-page/frames/) to order.  Please click here (http://www NULL.freeagentbmx NULL.com/frame-geometry/) for geometry.

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