March 29, 2011

Brett’s Bike

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Here’s a quick bike check on Brett Walker’s Free Agent Lodus (http://www NULL.freeagentbmx Brett putts his bike through a lot of abuse with riding every day and packing it into wild situations while traveling. Check out his unique method of keeping his bike together.

Part on your bike you will never change?
-Not sure how to answer this question, huh. I guess, I will never change my MacNeil pegs. Had them  for ten years now and hope to keep that streak alive.

Longest lasting part?
– I would have to say my pedals and pegs last the longest. Once again I have had my pegs for 10 years, haha. Ridiculous.

How long do grips last you?
– I destroy grips. They usually last about 2-4 months. It just depends on what Im riding more at the time. If Im riding trails or park a lot they last longer. When riding street and manueling a ton, I run right through those damn things.

Any modifications?
– Only mods I do when building a new bike is cut my Demolition Chris Doyle bars down a half inch on each side. Also like putting my grips on a little grind wheel and wearing them in a little before riding them. Makes them feel like they have been on for a week or two. Other then that, every thing is stock.

How often do you maintenance your bike?
– I try to avoid maintenance as much as possible, I hate it. I would say, I give my bike a once over once or twice a month. Which means I tighten my pegs, stem and attempt to true my wheels.

Brakes ever going back on your bike?
– I highly doubt it. It feels too awesome when sitting in a good manuel. It is pretty scary though going through some trails for the first time, I will admit that for sure.

Any parts your waiting to be invented?
– Im waiting for the Daniel Dhers signature trick button to come out, so I can press a single button in the air and be able to to launch sweet moves, like the Cash role…. Syke..