TJ Down Under

I flew out to Sydney, Australia on January  29th for 2 weeks! I mainly went there to ride trails and hit up Cam Whites Hillside Jam dedicated to dirt legend Dane Searls! The first couple of days were rainy so we just chilled out then headed up to cams a few days after. It was flooded in cams yard and pouring down rain the day before the jam, we hung out down at backbone BMX shop with all those guys and picked up a few things. The day of the jam was sunny to say the least so ended up riding a cement park for a few hours before heading up to the jam! When i got to cams yard the streets were full of cars, the yard full of fans and the session was in full effect so I joined in untill the jam was over! Once the dust settled Chris Harti won best style, Jai Toohey won best trick with a flip triple whip and I took home King of the Hill which left me speechless with all the insane riding that was going down, knuckles to all the riders that we’re on the roll in shredding.

After the jam went back to Sydney and rode Mt. White trails for a few good days until we got rained out. With the storm in full effect Jed Milden, Hucker Clark and I decided to fly out to Queenstown, New Zealand for the RedBull Roast It Jam. One of the best decisions ever. The town was unreal and trails couldn’t have been in any better condition. There’s nothing like BBQ and riding til’ dark.

Few days before the jam I got to head out to the Frew Farm with the boys and shoot a television show with Jed of us having fun on and off the bikes like fishing in the river for a couple plus hours without a catch lol after that we headed back to Queenstown and rode the jam everyone killed it. Jed won best trick with a double flip midset!

The last part of my trip ended in Vienna, Austria for masters of dirt biggest show of the year! That town was awesome to see a bunch of historic buildings and cool statues over the city and hangout with a bunch of cool athletes from all over the world and put on a awesome show for the fans of Vienna!

It was a good month on the road had a blast but being back to reality is always good!!!