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Free Agent

Brett and Mike

Heres Brett and Mike with clips from California, Colorado, Utah and Canada.. Enjoy (http://www

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Nook Session

Mike and Brett put in a quick session at one of Corona Californias smaller parks. Check it.

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Mike Dies and I recently beat the California heat and headed to Vancouver BC, Canada. We made the trip to gather some footage and ride the great spots the Vancouver area has to offer. Heres a few images from our trip. – Heath

Off to Canada

Heres a trip we did some time ago from Southern California up the coast to Canada. It was a great time with awesome stuff to ride and good people. More of a vacation with our bikes. Enjoy.

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New Line

Heres a short edit of Heath riding a new line in his back yard.

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Mike & Brett Edit

Mike Dies and Brett Walker compiled a short edit with local spots in Southern California . Check it out.

Brett Walker & Mike Dies Free Agent Bikes (http://vimeo from mike dies (http://vimeo on Vimeo (http://vimeo