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Free Agent

Kyle Bennett Olympic Memorial

The new memorial for Kyle Bennett at the Beijing Olympic site. Kyle passed away last year right before the London Olympics. Kyle raced for Free Agent during his career and earned many National titles and two World Championships on Free Agent. Kyle Bennett Olympic Memorial

Disney Cup Orlando Florida

David Herman Disney Cup

Over the weekend, the team traveled to Orlando for USABMX’s Disney Cup. It was the last national of the year before the ABA Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oaklahoma over Thanksgiving weekend so all of the big hitters were present. Cristian Becerine had a good solid win with two podiums including a win on Saturday and the overall Disney Cup Champion for the weekend. Maris Strombergs was riding good all weekend, making both Saturday & Sunday’s main but came up a bit short on any podiums. In the back of Maris’ mind he knew it was his last race of the year before taking some much-needed time off. With the Olympics it’s been a mental overload for him and he’s ready for a break. It was good to see David Herman back in action even though he didn’t make any mains – he looked good out there after a break and he’s already getting fired up for the Grands. Juan Marin was in great form in Florida with 5 podiums over the course of the weekend. Alongside the racing, it was great to see all of the pros coming together to make a difference for Kyle Bennett’s family. With the help of Mike Redman, the pros walked around the track together (united) collecting donations for Kyle’s family — they raised over $2300. Hats off to each of the guys for coming together for something so important and for taking the initiative to make a positive difference. All in all, a great weekend.

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Kyle Bennett Memorial Fund

Kyle Bennett’s passing has been an incredible shock to many of us. We can’t imagine anyone more affected than Kyle’s family. Please join us in clicking on the link below to make a contribution toward both Kyle’s memorial services and his family’s fund. Every dollar helps and is very appreciated. Thank you for caring and helping. #restpeacefully88 (http://www NULL.kbarmadillobmx NULL.html)

Kyle Bennett 1979 – 2012

It is with incredible sadness that the FA Team loses former rider Kyle Bennett. There were years of laughs and good times on the road. Although, Kyle moved onto a different team in 2012, he will always remain a special member of the FA Family. Kyle was the first racer to win major titles for FA since the 1980’s. But much more than an extraordinary rider with noticeable style, Kyle was a remarkable man, father and friend. He will be missed but never forgotten.

ABA Texas

This past weekend was the ABA Super Nationals in Desoto, Texas. With both UCI and ABA points up for grabs and the fact that it was televised, made the race pretty important for both riders and the industry overall. Kyle Bennett kept his podium spot warm Placing 2nd and 3rd for the weekend. Good old Bennett has powered through to the overall 2 spot in ABA Pro points – the Season is looking really bright for both Bennett and Free Agent/Rockstar. Our very own, “Robby Mini Maris Chaney” had another spectacular weekend run in Texas securing the #1 spot both days! Next up, but certainly not least, Cristian Becerine, Dale Holmes and Maris Strombergs are setting off this Saturday to spend the day kicking off the Free Agent/Rockstar So Cal Clinic Tour at Freedom Park. Check our updated listings for further information, as clinics are selling out quickly. Until next time…