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Free Agent

Photos (old)

Kyle Bennett
Latvian World Team member Kristaps Konrads leading the Free Agent train with 3-Time World Champion Kyle Bennett and Current World Champion Maris Strombergs. (http://www NULL.FreeAgentBMX NULL.jpg)

Kyle Bennett Kyle Bennett Kyle Bennett

Cristian Becerine stands on the top step with Kyle Bennett in Round 7 of the 2007 NBL/UCI South Park National. Cristian won Saturday's Pro Main with Kyle finishing second. Kyle won Sunday's Pro Main with Cristian second. Right now, Cristian and Kyle are 1-2 in the points chase and are separated by 2 points heading into the NBL Grand Nationals. Cristian is 4th and Kyle is 10th in the ABA Pro points standings. Photo courtesy of Landrum (http://www NULL.FreeAgentBMX NULL.jpg)

Cristian Becerine ...test 2nd line

Kristaps Konrads (http://www NULL.FreeAgentBMX NULL.jpg)

Kristaps Konrads ...test 2nd line

Cristian Becerine the Fastest Racer in BMX. (http://www NULL.FreeAgentBMX NULL.001-RGB NULL.jpg)

Cristian Becerine

Kyle Bennett currently #1 in NBL AND #2 in ABA Points Standings - Watch out World!! (http://www NULL.FreeAgentBMX NULL.jpg)

Kyle Bennett

Austalian Champion and World Team member Nicole Callisto. (http://www NULL.FreeAgentBMX NULL.jpg)

Nicole Callisto

Argentinian World Team member Ramiro Marino. (http://www NULL.FreeAgentBMX NULL.jpg)

Ramiro Marino

Cristian Becerine the Fastest Racer in BMX. (http://www NULL.FreeAgentBMX NULL.003-RGB NULL.jpg)

Cristian Becerine

Argentinian World Team member and 2004 ABA World Champion Cristian Becerine. (http://www NULL.FreeAgentBMX NULL.jpg)

Cristian Becerine

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